The Most Dominant Rugby Clubs of All Time

Some sports are famous for having very dominant clubs which fans often adore. Some fans adore the clubs because they win a lot but others are there for their passion and team spirit. Regardless, each sport has its favorites and the often-thought-of challengers.

A sport like Rugby is popular in Europe and Australia and New Zealand. In these places, you can expect a lot of people to bet on rugby and be very proud about it. Some people have their preferred online bookmakers, for example Betfair pariuri, and all of them offer various discounts and promo codes.

But, betting on rugby requires you to know which team to bet on. While betting on favorites often isn’t the best thing you can do, if you want to earn the most money, it is often considered the safest thing to do. Here are the top rugby teams in the world, the ones with the most dominant record.

Leicester Tigers – English Premiership

Playing at the top level of English rugby, the Leicester Tigers are the team to look to if you want to see the winningest team. They have won the Premiership 10 times in total, over multiple decades. This makes them a relatively consistent brand, which is able to win with multiple different rosters over a variety of competitors. Everybody wants to win, the Leicester Tigers are the ones who did it more than everybody else in England.

Stade Toulousain – Top 14

Stade Toulousain or Toulouse, shortly, is a club from France, playing in the Top 14, the highest tier league in French rugby. They won the Top 14 20 times. Their first victory was in 1912 and their most current one in 2019. A team which can win 20 titles across a century is a team you should be cheering for. They have what it takes to win, organizing players and taking home trophies in almost every decade. 

Petrarca Rugby – Top 12

In Italy, the winningest rugby team is Amatori Milano, but since it was disbanded in 2011, you should look to another team, which is not far apart from Amatori in total titles. Benetton Rugby sits at 15 titles, compared to the 18 titles of Amator, but Benetton is currently in another league. Petrarca Rugby, with their 13 titles, spanning from 1970 to 2018, is a club with a bright future and plenty of victories.

While the two winningest clubs are not in the Top 12, or have been disbanded, Petrarca Rugby remains as the club to cheer for.

Hawick – Scottish Premiership

At the top of the Scottish Premiership lies Hawick, a club from the eponymous city. They have won the Premiership 12 times, their most recent victory being from 2002. While currently not at the top, they are a competitive team and with such a trophy-rich history, they are bound to be back at the top.

These are the world’s most dominant rugby clubs. All of them are in different leagues, so you have the choice of following a league of your preference, or all of them, if you have the time and passion as a fan.