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This is the perfect place for you to read your favourite local news from Woodley, Berkshire. We will serve you hot sports topics that complete your cup of coffee at breakfast. WoodleySportsfc.co.uk is focused on the news related to sports and more, based in this area of the United Kingdom. We aim to cover the entire variety of sports in the area.

The purpose of our news site is to help you keep in touch with everything that is happening at the moment in the area. This way we add value to your life by keeping you informed with the best sports subjects and connected with the sports community of Woodley.

Woodley is a city that is rich in sports events and activities. Sports are one of the main focus in education beside Mathematics and Computers, since The Bulmershe School is one of the two schools that have achieved the specialist school status.

Throughout the years, Woodley has given many professional sports players and teams which are amazing. Some important names are for example, Jamie Ashdown who is goalkeeper for Oxford United since 2015, James Henryand who is currently playing for Wolverhampton Wanderers since 2014 and as a loan for Bolton Wanderers for 2016-2017 season, and Deon Burton, striker at Worcester City.

Here is what sports news you can read about on the website:

Football is one of the main focus on the site, and is one of the most developed kind of sports in Woodley. We follow and write the most exciting news about the best teams in town, their performances, fixtures and results. We write about individuals as well, notable players from football teams. The most well known football teams of the city are Woodley United FC, Woodley Saints, Woodley Town F.C, and of course other teams from the city.

Fishing is a big part of the citizens of Woodley town. There is a very big fishing club called Southlake near Woodley town centre. The fishing club is run by the Southlake Angling Society, active since 1969. Memberships are available throughout the entire fishing season and locals who are passionate about fishing can join. Woodley takes pride in the most special local carp captures at Southlake and Redlands.

Basketball and Rugby
Other sports we focus on are basketball and rugby. Basketball and rugby are an important part of the sports life in Woodley. The Woodley basketball teams are Warriors, Thunder, Harriers, Jets and Wildcats. The rugby teams we keep an eye open for are the Redingensians Rams Rugby Club, Woodbridge Warriors and Thurston. Here we write about their best games and players, and of course the most interesting hot topics in the field.

These are a couple of the main sports we focus on. Don’t be surprised to find that we write about other local sport teams as well, because we try to cover every sport is Woodley. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and join our community of people who are passionate about sports.