Things You Might Not Know About Competitive Fishing

Some sports are not like any other sports in the sense that you cannot play them expecting the rules to be similar to other sports. Sports like these are often not played by many people, compared to the most popular sports. Football is understood by most, and played by many. Fishing, on the other hand, is done by many people, but not many engage in competitive angling. Sure, you might brag to your friends about catching the bigger fish, but you are unlikely to go to a tournament, unless you are really devoted to fishing.

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But, even though you might have considered competitive fishing to exist, you might not know what it actually is and how it works. Here are some things about competitive angling which you might not have known.

It’s not Always About the Bigger Fish

Most people assume that winning in a fishing competition would require you to catch the largest fish and the one who does it, wins. That might be so in some competition, but the most likely thing is that you have to catch the bigger fish and catch the most fish. Catching more fish than the opposition counts towards your points, as well as catching bigger fish.

In some tournaments, the strength of the fishing line counts as a factor. The thinner the fishing line, the more points you earn. Catching fish with a thin line is much more difficult than with a stronger one. It is all about choice and technique.

Fishing can be Done Online (to an extent)

You might think that fishing online is impossible and you would be right. People need to go outdoors, catch the fish, and then they can brag online. There are sites which offer prizes and cash for those who catch the biggest fish. What that means is that people can upload photos of their fish to such sites, in hopes of getting a prize. Using a ruler is obligatory, so that the size of the fish can be verified.

Very advanced algorithms and techniques are used to determine whether the uploaded photos have been tampered with in any way, as well as to determine whether the scale is realistic and up to measure. 

Living Fish are Worth More

Some people fish for food, but this is most often not the case in any competition. In fishing tournaments, caught fish will be transported to areas in which they can live safely prior to being measured. Dead fish can lead to penalties and in some severe cases, they won’t be considered at all. Catching fish and not having it survive will lead to you losing more than you would gain, so anglers try their best to have their game survive.

Fishing Can be Done from Anywhere

There are competitions which require you to fish from a boat and those are among the most common. Other competitions have anglers fishing from a land mass. Some tournaments like spicing things up and they send competitors to various rafts, kayaks and other inconvenient places and modes of transportation, only to make the tournament itself more challenging.

These are some of the interesting facts about competitive fishing which you might not have known.