What is Travel Soccer?

Soccer is not popular in the USA, and the official representatives in this country are doing their best to bring that sport and make it feel at home in the Northern American country. However, it seems that it doesn’t work. The most dominant soccer age group is kids. These kids are often supported by their parents to play soccer, mainly because it is a very healthy method for a child’s development.

What is the non-travel type?

There is a particular name for the non-travel type which is called in-house soccer. The basic idea is – you get your kid to train soccer, take them to the training sessions and occasional matches that are played on the same field where they train. The only type of touring that you do here is driving the kids to and from the field.

Everyone has fun, but this type of soccer is only if you want the kid to stay in shape, learn how to socialise and how to play fair. But somebody thought that the competitive spirit should be nurtured as well and so they came up with the term travel soccer.

Now – its majesty the Travel Soccer

So, where would you actually travel in this type of soccer? Well, kids would have to go to other places that are even a couple of hours away from the place where they train in order to meet other local teams and play against them. This is nothing new – professional teams travel all the time.

It is a great way to have fun with your kid and meet new people, most of whom are parents as well. However, the best thing about travel soccer is the seriousness of the competition. It is not just casual play – things get competitive, and there are tournaments where kids can even stay for a couple of days.

It has certain downsides too. First of all, a parent must provide 100% support for the kids who want to be a part of travel soccer. Logistics are the crucial part of it all. You must be prepared to travel with your children and give them all the necessary motivation to continue and to be the best in this sport.


Travel soccer can be a pain in the neck for the parents. You will have to devote a lot more time to your children and this activity. You will have to give them rides to other places. But it is all worth it – your kids will grow up into healthy individuals who have a competitive spirit and know how to fight for themselves. These things are essential in the world of grownups.