How people spend time travelling from one sports event to another?

Fans from all around the world follow their favourite clubs wherever they go. This is especially present in sports such as football, basketball, and tennis. These fans are pretty inseparable from the club or the sportspeople that they love and give them more motivation to play better and increase their performance.

After all, what is the main reason why professional sportspeople play sports? Well, their fans, of course.

Sports betting and casino games

Nowadays, sports betting is one of the favourite activities of sports fans. It is a natural connection, and if you are a passionate fan – why not earn some extra cash along the way. Moreover, fans also like combining sports betting with casino games as the two are often interconnected. 

Hanging out with sportspeople

Do you have a favourite sports person? Did you get to meet them? Well, it’s something quite reasonable for people who are big-time fans. There are even individual aeroplane seats reserved for the most passionate followers who get to travel together with the team they support and spend some time with them.

However, that is not the only opportunity. You can attend post-match celebrations where fans are often included. The best thing is – some of the sportspeople like hanging out with their fans.

Singing songs

While travelling to the next match, fans often like to sing songs that are connected to the teams they support. This is especially common in football, where you can see a lot of people walking down the street and singing their favourite songs vigorously.


Well, this one was expected. The UK is filled with pubs that are specialised in hosting football fans. However, they are not the only fans that enjoy this activity. You can see that all over the world there are such places where fans are hosted.

The activity is also practised while travelling and it sometimes gets out of control. Don’t drink or at least do it responsibly – especially if you are the driver!

Playing sports games on mobile or PlayStation

Fans who travel like playing games that are related to the sport that they follow. Therefore, you can see a lot of people bringing either their mobile or even laptop and PlayStation with them and playing games such as Fifa, Pro Evolution Soccer, NBA games, and other games that are related to sports.

If you are a gamer, you are probably already familiar with this activity. It is not uncommon for fans to simulate the upcoming games between the two teams in a game and see who would win.

Touring the cities

The last and the most obvious one is touring the cities. Fans often travel through a lot of cities, so why not use that time to learn more about it and go sightseeing? Well, it seems that they love that activity and are always ready to go out for a walk before the game begins.

If you are thinking about becoming a nomad fan who supports the favourite team wherever they go, this may be the best way to learn something new about the cities and the countries that you visit.


As you can see, fans have a lot of fun while travelling, and it is a very appealing idea to all sports lovers. If you have the time and the money to try it – give it a shot, it is an adventure that you will not forget for a long time.