Opening Night Draw at Southlake, Woodley, June 2017

A new fishing season is opening in June 2017 for Woodley citizens at Southlake. Southlake is known for the carp that people fish here, some in impressive and historical sizes. The fish is stocked regularly and well cared for by the Southlake Angling Society, ensuring the quality of the captures.

Fishing is a big part of the community of Woodley. Southlake Angling Society is the biggest and most important fishing club in town, the lake being located near the city centre. The entire community is involved in fishing activities and contests where families come and bring their children who learn how to fish. The fishing seasons are welcome by the people.

Southlake Angling Society has announced a new fishing event, the Swim Allocation on Opening Night is decided six weeks prior to the start of the season through a draw. The draw is available to all members who have a valid fishing permit from the Southlake Angling Society. The draw means that the members with a valid permit who entered the draw will be picked from a hat. When all the available swims have been drawn, a second drawn will take place for the people who refuse any available swims becoming available on the Opening Night.

The Opening Night will take place in June. The exact date is advised by the Head Bailiff in advance, so that everyone can get prepared for the event. For example, the members need to have a valid permit to participate in the Opening Night. The members with an expired rod permit need to renew it.

If the people who have been drawn for the swims can’t participate on the date that is set, they must inform the Head Bailiff or a member in the angling Society Committee. It’s important that members do this because another person will be picked from the reserve draw. It’s strictly forbidden that the members pass the swim to another person. Any issues arising from these situations will be solved by addressing them to the Head Bailiff and his decision is final.

Members can send pictures and the data of their captures which will be posted on the official Angling Society site on a page dedicated to recent captures. The information is available to the public, and the locals can see which kinds of carp people have fished out of the Southlake waters.